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As a small business owner, it's likely you're reliant on energy to support your firm's operations - which means that bills are a cost that you'll need to include in your budget. However, just because your business depends on gas or electricity, it doesn't mean that your hands are tied when it comes to finding a better deal for the energy that you're using.

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What our client says

I can with hand on heart say that… She explained everything thoroughly and I felt that I had had my hand held right through the process. Shirley is an absolute credit to your company! Kind Regards


I spoke with SwitchEZ recently who was able to help me switch my business electricity accounts to a new provider following the collapse of Extraenergy. He was very helpful - thank you SwitchEZ

Mr. Kinghorn-

Excellent website very easy to navigate. They have a Speed check that was able to show me which provider was able to give me the fastest broadband in my area. Highly recommend for anyone searching for broadband